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Marketing, Advertising, and Business Strategy Focus

Salmela Talent is a boutique talent acquisition firm focused on the marketing and advertising spaces across healthcare and consumer goods industries. We specialize in digital marketing, analytics, strategy, brand planning, business strategy, account management, marketing, product management, and leadership roles. Our clients include award-winning advertising agencies, rapidly growing digital agencies, Big Data vendors, ad-tech companies, management consulting groups, consumer goods manufacturers, biotech start-ups, and pharmaceutical companies.  

Brand Stewards, Value Advocates

Often, a candidate's first impressions of your organization are shaped by your recruiting vendors. This is a role we take very seriously. We are proud to serve as your brand stewards and advocate the value of a career at your company. Communicating your value to your target talent market is only part of what we do, but it is a key component of success.

Collaboration: The Key to Talent Nirvana

We want to enhance your recruiting efforts; not compete with them.  Whether you are in growth, start-up, or talent-upgrade mode, plug us in where it most counts.  

When you are filling a role in a tight, competitive pool, you definitely want your brand stewards on the job. We can often sell You better than You. Maybe it's a leadership role that will have significant impact on the success of the company or division. You want to cast a wide net and make sure you've played the field. Maybe you need to fill eight positions within a couple weeks. Our rapid response capability is impressive.

Whatever the hiring challenge, let's divide and conquer!

Any Way You Want It

Fee agreements are often the elephant in the room when we first talk to a client. These discussions can bring angst and heartburn to any first-time conversation. We recognize and respect your focus on the bottom line. We have the same consideration. We won't waiver much on the "how much" question, but we can work with you on everything else. We have been creative with terms, whether it's a retained, engaged, contingency, or exclusive approach to your need.

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If you have a latent, emerging, or critical talent acquisition need, don't waste another minute. Call or email anyone on our team and we'll leap at the chance to work together.

Healthcare: Cory Salmela - 218.590.4448cory@salmelatalent.com

Consumer: Megan Weizel - 612.875.6060megan@salmelatalent.com

Creative: Mickey Pearson - 218.260.1760mickey@salmelatalent.com

General Inquiries: Kate Horvath - 218.310.3787kate@salmelatalent.com